The Perfect Gown

Every Luere wedding gown is an exclusive, unique product of flawless tailoring—handmade from scratch according to the bride's precise specifications and physical characteristics, and constructed using the finest materials and fabrics.

Why couture?

Unlike high-end designer gowns that are created for the idealized-sized woman and altered to fit, every couture gown is uniquely created to flatter, enhance and accentuate the bride’s body shape on the outside, with an inner structure that is contoured to her body to ensure a perfect fit that is luxuriously comfortable and inspires confidence that really must be experienced to be fully apprehended.

What are my couture options?

Our clients can request a gown as unique as meets their needs, from a slight variation on an existing design to a completely bespoke garment that presents a unique story for only one woman to tell—all made‑to‑measure.

How much does it cost?

Our average couture gown start at CAD $2,000, with costs varying with complexity in style and design, detailings and fabric selections. The initial consultation is obligation-free.

Resources for Brides

We are working hard to update this part of the site with specialized content for brides interested in creating their own custom bridal gown, including design guides and galleries for inspiration and a showcase of some of our beautiful work. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, have a look at an online copy of our latest bridal brochure (printed copies available on request).

Custom bridal brochure